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"On the surface, it seemed not so very much different from dozens of other Masks of Power. But where other masks might be useful tools or powerful weapons, this one had the power to give life to a universe ... or to obliterate it."
— Narrator, Inferno
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Mask of Life
Status Dominated by Mata Nui's will
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Ig-NEE-kah

The Kanohi Ignika is the Legendary Mask of Life. The mask was created by the Great Beings, to ensure that the Great Spirit would function if its life was endangered, and to drain the life force of the inhabitants if the Matoran Universe was destabilized beyond the point of salvation. When Mata Nui was killed by Teridax, the mask was used by the Toa Mahri to revive him, but was cast out into the cosmos with Mata Nui's spirit inside it after Teridax claimed control of the universe. It landed on Bara Magna, where it created a body for Mata Nui's mind and spirit. Using this body, Mata Nui participated in the Skrall War.


The Kanohi Ignika being forged

The Kanohi Ignika was crafted by the Great Beings over 100,000 years ago on Spherus Magna, forged in the fortress of the Valley of the Maze[1] and cooled in caverns of ice. It was created so that if Mata Nui's life-force was damaged, he could be healed. Its other purpose was to drain life from every organism in the Matoran Universe as a fail-safe, in case it did not conform to how the Great Beings envisioned it. The Great Beings also designed and programmed several contingencies within the Ignika; one of these plans was the Golden Armor, destined for use by Toa Mata Tahu, which was to be used in the event that solid Antidermis ran amok.

The Kanohi Ignika was first placed in a golden armored shell to protect it, until a Great Being became curious about the mask. He opened the shell and grabbed the mask. The Kanohi Ignika sensed that the Great Being was not destined to use it, but it shared its power with him anyway, believing it to be a wonderful gift. As a result, everything around the Great Being came to life. Each object then cried out to him, pleading for their needs to be filled. Eventually, he went insane and the other Great Beings had to lock him up to prevent him from bringing other objects to life.

A short time later, the Kanohi Ignika was moved to the center of the Southern Continent near the village of Voya Nui, inside the Matoran Universe. The two Great Beings who brought it there used their weapons to dig a hole in the ground, creating chambers and steps along the way. Eventually, they stopped far below the surface and formed the Chamber of Life, where they then built a pedestal. One of them removed the Kanohi Ignika from its shell using special tools. He placed it on the pedestal, and the pair left. They later put many traps in place and installed Umbra as protection. The mask also created guards of its own, such as the Protodax.

Many tried to take the mask over the years, but none ever reached the chamber. Around 79,100 years ago, when Mata Nui was weakened because of the Great Disruption, a team of Toa led by Jovan managed to reach the Chamber of Life. The mask sensed that they were destined to use it, and allowed the team to take it to Karda Nui, where one member used it to heal Mata Nui. The member was consumed by the mask's power in the process, and the rest of the Toa returned the Kanohi Ignika to its chamber, afraid of the mask's power.

Great Cataclysm

The mask remained in the chamber for many millennia, surviving the Great Cataclysm that shook the Matoran Universe, which shot Voya Nui to the surface of Aqua Magna and turned it into an island. The Kanohi Ignika began to sense that something was fundamentally wrong with the universe's fabric of life. It also sensed that beings on the surface wanted it. One group, the Piraka, wanted it for treacherous reasons, and another group wanted to save the dying Great Spirit.

Wanting another guardian, the mask used its powers to draw Vezon, a half-Skakdi that coveted it, to the Chamber of Life. Upon reaching and touching the Mask of Life, Vezon's feet were fused to an enlarged Fenrakk. The Kanohi Ignika also fused itself to the back of his head and granted its new guardian special powers.

Over time, however, the mask grew to dislike Vezon, and had already found a new potential guardian: a Matoran named Matoro. It also turned silver, beginning its countdown to drain life from the universe, as it realized it was in danger from the Piraka and Vezon. At that time, Matoro was in a tunnel leading to Karzahni that absorbed all light and sound. The mask used its powers to become as a living being in the tunnel with him. Matoro, believing it was one of his friends, grabbed the being's hand and led him out of the tunnel, only to realize that his friends had already passed through. Matoro had passed the mask's test, and the mask wished to replace Vezon with Matoro as a guardian.

A few days later, the Piraka arrived to take the mask for themselves. Vezon was successful in defeating them, but the Toa Inika arrived immediately afterwards, and were slightly more successful in holding him off. At one point in the fight, Jaller used his powers to melt the floor beneath Vezon. Vezon, knowing it would merely make Fenrakk more powerful, urged the monstrous spider into the lava.

Fenrakk emerged as the Kardas Dragon, with Vezon still fused to him. Jaller had Kongu use his Suletu to project the mask's thoughts into Vezon. As Vezon was distracted by the knowledge that the mask did not want him, Jaller fired a special Zamor at Vezon and Kardas, freezing them in time and space. With the Piraka defeated, the balance of good and evil in the universe tipped back to the light side just far enough for the Kanohi Ignika to revert to its gold color.

Kongu told Matoro to take the mask, as he learned from it while reading its thoughts that it wanted Matoro to be its guardian. Matoro easily removed the Kanohi Ignika from Vezon, but the mask sensed that it was not yet time for it to be used. It then made the now-unfrozen Kardas Dragon to free it from Matoro's grip, and the mask flew up the staircase to the surface. The Toa chased after the Mask of Life, but it moved only close enough for them to see it. The mask eventually reached the surface and plunged into the sea, where it sensed the universe was most damaged, hoping the Toa would follow. Hahli tried to retrieve the mask, but she could not stand up against the enormous water pressure.

Mahri Nui

The Kanohi Ignika traveling to Mahri Nui

The Kanohi Ignika continued to sink into the ocean, but upon making contact with the Pit's mutagenic waters, the mask slowly started to erode away, its energy being released in the form of air. It finally found salvation from the toxic water in Kyrehx, a Ga-Matoran sentry on Mahri Nui's edge. She at first believed it was a piece of debris, until the mask called to her. She rushed to the mask and returned to her post. As she did so, she recognized it for a Kanohi, and decided to show it to the council. However, the mask had cursed her, causing plant life to attack her. When she tried to get to a school to show it to her instructor, the plants around her reached out and trapped her. Soon after, a Po-Matoran named Dekar came and rescued her from the flora. Kyrehx no longer wanted the mask, and left it behind with Dekar. He decided to take the mask to the school later, as he had to hunt. The mask also cursed him, so that anything he would strike would heal itself.

During Dekar's hunt, he encountered a Venom Eel. Finding it strange to see an extra-aggressive Venom Eel in open water, Dekar attacked it. However, the eel healed itself instantly after every strike given to it. Giving up, he returned to the city, only to learn there were thousands of Venom Eels headed for the city. At the city wall, he manned an Air Launcher for protection. However, the damage done by weapon was undone instantly as well. Dekar realized it was because of the mask and decided the only thing to do was to destroy it. He swam as far away from Mahri Nui as he could, so no other Matoran would take the mask and be cursed.

The Kanohi Ignika recounting its tale to Dekar

On the way, however, he saw Mantax and Kalmah, two of the Barraki warlords who sought the mask, and they started to chase him. He barely managed to reach a cave, and was about to shatter the mask with a rock when the mask reacted. An energy beam shot out from it and enlarged a Venom Eel until it was 300 feet long, to use as a guardian.

The gigantic Venom Eel struck Dekar and Kalmah, knocking them both out. Mantax, who had barely gotten out of the way, then fled the scene. Dekar regained consciousness and began to wonder whether the mask could use its powers without being worn. He touched the mask, and it filled his mind with its history, from its creation to when it had sunk to Mahri Nui.

The Kanohi Ignika sending out its plea

Eventually, the Barraki arrived with Brutaka. Dekar threatened to destroy the Kanohi Ignika, but Brutaka claimed that Dekar could trust him. Dekar refused to surrender the mask. Ehlek then shot a jolt of electricity at Dekar, forcing him to drop the mask. Pridak grabbed it and proclaimed that even Mata Nui would fall before him. The Kanohi Ignika sent out a massive wave of light, which illuminated the whole Pit and all of Mahri Nui. The wave of light transformed the Toa Inika into the Toa Mahri as a call for help. Shortly thereafter, the Mask of Life transformed the dying Dekar into a near-duplicate of Hydraxon for additional protection, Dekar-Hydraxon.

Later, the Barraki decided to give the Mask of Life to Nocturn. He briefly possessed it, but dropped the mask while fighting the new Hydraxon. After defeating Nocturn, Hydraxon decided to destroy the mask because of how dangerous he considered it, and opened fire on it with his Cordak Blaster. Acting quickly, Hahli brushed aside the missile by controlling a current of water. During her struggle with Hydraxon, Mantax stole the mask and was cursed. He then demanded that the other Barraki meet with him. During the meeting, Mantax lost the mask when a landslide covered the group. Jaller and Matoro tried to get the mask, but were stopped by Hydraxon and then a Maxilos robot possessed by Teridax. Jaller managed to slap at the mask and send it towards Matoro, who grabbed it and managed to escape.

Before the Cord was shattered by the Toa Mahri, Gadunka, the 300-foot-long-Venom Eel, and an ancient sea monster attacked the team. During the fight, Gadunka was able to grab the Kanohi Ignika. Responding out of fear, the mask cursed Gadunka, making it shrink. Hydraxon then tried to take the mask, but was talked out of it by Matoro. After the Cord was shattered, Matoro began to follow the island to where the mask needed to be used. Unfortunately, it was too late; Mata Nui had died, and the mask stopped glowing.

The Mask of Life resurrects Mata Nui
The Mask of Life darkens to show Mata Nui's death

However, Matoro continued to follow Voya Nui to the Southern Continent, hoping against hope that there was a way to bring the Great Spirit back. He managed to dive under the island just before it sealed the hole to Karda Nui. Matoro then put on the mask at the suggestion of a mysterious voice. Once Matoro did so, he learned what was to happen and he had to die. He accepted this without fear and used the mask to teleport the Toa Mahri back to Metru Nui, as a last act of friendship. The Mask of Life then converted Matoro to energy and combined him with its powers. It used the energy to resurrect Mata Nui, giving life once more to the universe.

Karda Nui

After being used by Matoro, the Kanohi Ignika fell into the Swamp of Secrets. Inspired by the courage that the Toa of Ice had displayed, the Kanohi Ignika decided to experience life as a hero, forming a Toa's body and weapons for itself using organic molecules from the swamp. It also created a Skyboard based off the vehicles in Mahri Nui. Calling itself "Toa Ignika", the mask sensed the Toa Nuva fighting above in the Stalactite Villages and flew up to join them.

Toa Ignika located the Toa Nuva Phantoka as they traveled toward the Shadow Leech Hive. There, he saved the three Toa and three Av-Matoran by speeding up the life processes of a Rahi, which was about to assault them. Stunned by Toa Ignika's potential, the Toa Nuva welcomed him into their group, although they were not aware of his true identity, nor did they recognize the mask.

The Kanohi Ignika creating a body for itself

Later, in the Shadow Leech Hive, Toa Ignika was portrayed as a giant monster in a mental illusion cast by Makuta Mutran. Seeing him as an enemy, the Toa and Matoran unknowingly lashed out at their ally. Feeling confused and angry, Toa Ignika decided his companions were not worthy of life and sped up their aging. Realizing that the monster was an illusion, the Toa ineffectively pleaded with Toa Ignika to stop killing them. Pohatu then used his power to cause the ground beneath Toa Ignika to erupt. Distracted, the effects were ceased as the Toa of Life was pinned to the wall by Pohatu, who released him after a stunned realization that Toa Ignika was wearing the Mask of Life.

Toa Ignika was then captured along with the other Toa when Antroz, Chirox and Vamprah ambushed them. He was later freed by Pohatu, and helped to destroy the Shadow Leech vats by smashing through them using the shared power of the Kakama Nuva. Toa Ignika then used his powers to kill the living stone that supported the hive, sending it crashing down into the swamp.

During a fierce battle in the sky, Toa Ignika was attacked by Icarax and was almost thrown off his Skyboard. Angered, he devolved the Makuta back into a bio-mechanical being using his energies. Defeating Icarax, Toa Ignika guarded him while the Toa Nuva left for the swamp, barring him from pursuing the Toa. Icarax later revealed to the mask of his ability to drain the universe of all life, in an attempt to enrage and confuse the Ignika. He abandoned Icarax to reveal this dire information to his new-found allies.

Toa Ignika sacrificing itself to awaken Mata Nui

Toa Ignika eventually developed his speech and explained to the Toa Nuva that he was not just wearing the Mask of Life - he was the Mask of Life. He further confirmed to them of his countdown to the death of the universe, which could only be stopped by awakening Mata Nui. Toa Ignika followed the Toa Nuva into the Codrex, and watched as they began the steps to revive the Great Spirit, given to them by the previously collected Keystones. The process was too slow however as the countdown became critical, and the Toa Nuva realized that the Ignika could provide the energy needed immediately. Toa Ignika knew that doing so would end his existence as a living being, and debated on whether or not to sacrifice his new body to awaken the Great Spirit. After some deliberation and encouragement by Tahu and Gali, he chose to awaken Mata Nui, its body disintegrating with energy while accomplishing the task.

The Kanohi Ignika remained in the Codrex, amidst the now-restarting Energy Storms. However, Teridax had taken over the body of Mata Nui, and was in need of a place to retain Mata Nui's recently expelled spirit. Knowing of the Kanohi Ignika's potential to obliterate the universe, Teridax placed the mind and spirit of Mata Nui in the Kanohi Ignika, and expelled it from his body. Mata Nui's mind soon dominated the Ignika, and the mask continued to drift throughout the universe, waiting for a chance to return.

Bara Magna

The Kanohi Ignika resting on Bara Magna

Mata Nui and the mask later crash-landed on Bara Magna. Instinctively acting out of self-preservation, the Kanohi Ignika created a body for the former Great Spirit, which Mata Nui slowly grew accustomed to. When a native creature of the planet touched the mask, the Kanohi Ignika reacted, transforming the Scarabax Beetle Click into a shield.

When Mata Nui was fighting Strakk in Vulcanus, the stinger tail he had taken from a Vorox was pushed back against the Kanohi Ignika. Touching it, the stinger tail was transformed into a sword. Mata Nui eventually learned how to use the mask's powers by himself. After the Attack on Tajun, Mata Nui used the Kanohi Ignika to imbue Elemental Powers within the Glatorian Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, Tarix, and Vastus, as well as upgrade their weapons. Mata Nui later used the mask to alter the Agori Metus into a snake, as punishment for his traitorous actions.

After Mata Nui retrieved a power source from the Valley of the Maze, he traveled into the control room of the prototype robot and removed the Kanohi Ignika from his body, causing the body made by the Ignika to dissolve. Mata Nui then released his spirit from the mask into the robot.

The Kanohi Ignika, having received a message from Tren Krom, appeared before Tahu as he exited the Matoran Universe. The Kanohi Ignika proceeded to devolve Tahu back into a Toa Mata and spoke to him about the Golden Armor. After making the armor for Tahu, the Toa eventually used it to destroy the opposing Rahkshi, and Mata Nui was able to kill Teridax as a result.

By combining the powers of the prototype robot and the Kanohi Ignika, Mata Nui bathed the newly reformed Spherus Magna in energy and revitalized the desert, creating a new, fertile land. The robot collapsed, though the time Mata Nui had spent in the Ignika created a bond between the two, and he went back into the Kanohi Ignika. Mata Nui spoke to the population of Spherus Magna and the Matoran Universe through the Kanohi Ignika, expressing a desire to stay within the mask, and not to interfere with their affairs. He retreated into the Kanohi Ignika, the mask's personality becoming dominated once more.

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, after Matoro failed to use the Mask of Life in time, he put it on anyway and used it to transport himself and the other Toa Mahri back to Metru Nui. The mask did not turn him into energy, as Mata Nui could not be saved outside of Karda Nui. Since there was no reason for it to be used after Mata Nui's death, it was later locked safely away on the island of Mata Nui.

Abilities and Traits

The Toa Ignika was not a true Toa, as the Mask of Life had simply made a body for itself because it wanted to see what it would be like to be a Toa and be admired by others, after seeing how Matoro had accepted his fate without fear. Toa Ignika acted on his emotions similarly to a well-guarded toddler. While the mask itself does not have a gender, Toa Ignika liked to think of itself as a male, in honor of the two Toa who used it. Upon creation, Toa Ignika had no knowledge of spoken language, although he later learned by observing others speak.


The Kanohi Ignika's Life powers allow it to do virtually anything with life except to resurrect it (without the aid of the destined user). It can absorb and/or control life energies, resulting in death. Toa Ignika could also do a Life Nova Blast, and commonly attacked by accelerating a target's aging rate. The Mask of Life can also be used to waken Mata Nui. When the mask was exposed to the Pit Mutagen, it began to corrode and crumble away, and also started to leak out Life energy in the form of air. Although it has stopped cracking now that it is no longer exposed to the Pit Mutagen, the damage already done has not been repaired.

The Kanohi Ignika using its powers

Besides regenerating Mata Nui's life force, the Kanohi Ignika also has a fail-safe built into it by the Great Beings. If the Matoran Universe is deemed to be beyond hope, then the mask will kill all organisms in the universe after a set amount of time. This was implemented because the Great Beings were unsure if the universe they created would work as they wished, and if it did not, then the universe could be destroyed before things grew worse. The Kanohi Ignika will start the countdown by first turning from gold to silver, and later to black when the actual time comes. How long the mask's countdown takes depends on how unbalanced the universe is.

The Kanohi Vahi, Kanohi Ignika and Mask of Creation are on the same power level because Time, Life and Creation are all fundamental forces of the universe. It is impossible to create a Great, Noble, or Matoran version of the Mask of Life, as a weaker version would not be able to contain the power.

The mask can bestow itself and others with powers, such as the abilities it gave to Vezon and Click. It can also restore power to a being, such as undoing a Toa's transformation into a Turaga.

Example Usages

While the Kanohi Ignika has many Life-based powers, not all of them have been demonstrated. Below is a list of known examples of its powers:

  • The mask can appear in many different forms.
  • The mask drew Vezon to itself by influencing him.
  • The mask created a physical manifestation of itself to test Matoro in Dark Destiny.
The Kanohi Ignika altering the Toa Inika
  • In City of the Lost, the Kanohi Ignika leaked Life energy in the form of air.
  • The mask transformed the Toa Inika into the Toa Mahri in Prisoners of the Pit.
  • The mask changed Dekar into a duplicate of Hydraxon in Prisoners of the Pit.
  • The mask enlarged a Gadunka via leaked Life energy in Prisoners of the Pit.
  • The mask turned Matoro into life-force energy, and used him and its powers together to resurrect Mata Nui in Downfall.
  • The mask crafted a body for itself in Shadows in the Sky.
  • Toa Ignika accelerated the aging of two of the Toa Nuva and Av-Matoran in Shadows in the Sky. It has since reversed their ages back to what they should be.
  • Toa Ignika devolved Icarax in Shadows in the Sky.
  • Mata Nui used the Ignika to give five Glatorian Elemental Powers in The Legend Reborn.
  • The mask can undo the effects of Energized Protodermis, as seen when it devolved Tahu in Journey's End.


The Kanohi Ignika is only destined to be worn by one being. When the destined user uses the mask, they will be consumed by its power. If anything other than the destined user even touches the mask, they are cursed by it. The following beings have been cursed by the Mask of Life:

The Kanohi Ignika cursing Vezon
  • Cursed Great Being - Inanimate objects around him came to life and cried out their needs to him. As this was the first time the mask used its powers, it accidentally made the Great Being's curse permanent.
  • Vezon - Became attached to an enlarged Fenrakk and granted powers.
  • Kyrehx - Nearby plant life grew quickly and sought to entangle her.
  • Dekar - Became unable to kill any organism.
  • Pridak - Enhanced his mental characteristics (i.e. insanity, anger etc.).
  • Nocturn - Instantly killed any living being he touched.
  • Mantax - Sapped the life force of those nearby.
  • Gadunka - Could devolve beings, including itself.


The Mask of Life has many of the qualities of life itself, taking different forms and having its own simple, but cognitive, mind. It can also communicate telepathically and create bodies out of organic molecules. These are some the forms/bodies the mask has utilized:

Picture Description
Comic Ignika Forging.png The mask during its creation.
VNOLG Ignika.png A form the mask had before it fused itself to Vezon. It was only seen this way in the Voya Nui Online Game and BIONICLE Heroes
Set Ignika in Vezon Fusion Form.png The form the mask took when it fused itself to Vezon. It did this to better fit his head. It also turned silver to mark the beginning of its countdown
IgnikaEdited.png The Mask of Life as seen in Mahri Nui, after it returned to gold
Silver Ignika.PNG The Mask of Life as seen in Karda Nui, when it resumed its countdown
Toa Ignika.png Toa Ignika, the body the mask created for itself
TLR Ignika.png The form the Ignika took to adapt to the body for Mata Nui


Toa Ignika was equipped with a Lifeblade, a Midak Skyblaster, and a Skyboard. The Kanohi Ignika created all of these by manipulating organic molecules. All of these were destroyed when Toa Ignika sacrificed himself to awaken Mata Nui.

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The Mask of Life is unable to be worn by a normal being, and can only be used by one who is destined to use it. Anyone else who touches the mask is cursed by it. The mask has had only two destined users, who have been consumed by the mask's sheer power. The mask also created a physical body for itself, the "Toa" Ignika.


The Mask of Life can use its powers to make guardians for itself whenever it feels like it needs them. Although there is no limit to the number of guardians the mask can have, there can only be one destined bearer alive at a time. Unlike a guardian, the destined bearer can touch the mask without being cursed. Below is a list of the Kanohi Ignika's known guardians:

Set Information

Toa Ignika, the mask's 2008 set form

The Kanohi Ignika was first released as a part of the Vezon & Fenrakk set, as well as the Vezon & Kardas set. In these two sets, it was a flip-mask, one way would fit with a Toa Metru-style head and the other as Vezon's face.

The Toa Ignika set was released in January 2008. The set included Toa Ignika and his Skyboard. The set consisted of 140 pieces. On the back of Toa Ignika is a connector piece to allow a Matoran of Karda Nui to connect with Toa Ignika. It was placed there solely to emphasize the connection feature. Toa Ignika can also be combined with Pohatu and Vamprah to make a Niazesk by using instructions included in the May–June 2008 issue of LEGO Brickmaster magazine.

Each of the two Toa Mata Nui sets of 2009 included a Kanohi Ignika. The canister size set utilized a redesigned mask made to fit on the new head mold of other 2009 sets, whereas the larger set used a gold version of the 2008 mold.


"Legend stated that the Mask of Life was forged by the Great Beings long before the coming of Mata Nui or the creation of Metru Nui. It was no exaggeration to say that the life or death of the universe was tied to that mask. Under normal circumstances, it might be donned once every 5,000 years or so by a Toa whose destiny called for such a sacrifice. For the wearer of that Kanohi, it was said, would burn with the energies it unleashed."
— Narrator, Power Play
"I've seen what the mask can do ... how far it will go to protect itself. I am still not convinced that we can prevent anyone from taking it before its time--but I pity anyone who tries."
— A Great Being, Inferno
"For millennia beyond count, the Mask of Life has been hidden in this place, waiting for destiny's call. It is a Kanohi both wonderful and terrible in its might. And the price to wield its power of life ... is death."
— A Great Being, Inferno
"This was no ordinary Kanohi mask. This was the Mask of Life. Forged over 100,000 years ago by the Great Beings who created the universe, it was set apart from every mask that had ever been or ever would be crafted. It could think, it could feel ... and as both Matoran and Barraki learned to their shock, when threatened, it could strike back."
— Narrator, City of the Lost
"The merged energies of Toa and Kanohi mask exploded in the core of the universe, flooding it with light. Streams of golden power flowed into every part of this realm and then beyond it, until it had touched every place where the Great Spirit had once reigned. Just as countless beings had sensed the death of Mata Nui, so did they now feel life return to him."
— Narrator, Downfall
"Matoro died to save a universe ... without fear, without hesitation ... because he knew it was the right thing to do. If I am to be worthy of the name "Toa" ... can I do less?"
— Toa Ignika, Mata Nui Rising
"I will do what must be done. Then I will be like Matoro. I will be a hero."
— Toa Ignika, The Final Battle
"And yet a part of me survived. My spirit... captured and preserved inside a mask warn by a Toa warrior. Its name echoed my rebirth - The Mask of Life!"
— Mata Nui, The Legend Reborn


  • The body on the mask's front was initially based off of Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. This body, specifically its humanoid shape, is representative of Mata Nui. The symbol representing Mata Nui is the same as the one on the Codrex and the same one that the Turaga used to represent The Legend of Mata Nui.
  • If the Ignika had re-entered the Matoran Universe during Teridax's Reign, the Ignika would have turned black, since Teridax was in control of the universe.[2]


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