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This page features content from 2007
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Original Rebuilt Reverted
Occupation Unknown
Kanohi Unknown
Tools Unknown
Status Rebuilt
Pronunciation EYE-driss

Idris is a Ga-Matoran and a former resident of Mahri Nui.


Idris originally lived on an island with her best friends Lesovikk and Sarda.[2] Lesovikk soon became a Toa and the leader of the Toa Cordak, and left to battle monsters and other threats to the Matoran. Some time after, their Turaga went mad and shipped the entire Matoran population to Karzahni.

In his realm, Karzahni rebuilt Idris into a weaker form and gave her weapons as compensation, and later sent her to the Southern Continent. When the Great Cataclysm struck, it sent the portion of land where Idris lived to the surface of Aqua Magna, a long way south of Mata Nui.

Mahri Nui

Years after that, the Matoran there built another village on cooled lava and named it Mahri Nui, but it broke off and sank into the dark waters of the Pit. There, Idris was exposed to the mutagen in the water long enough to be reverted to her original form, before Karzahni rebuilt her.

Sarda and Idris lure Karzahni into a trap

Idris, along with Defilak, Gar and Sarda, led an underwater expedition in a submarine to the depths of the Pit, only to be captured and brought to a cave by the Barraki. She was abandoned there along with Gar, though they managed to escape and reach Mahri Nui. On the journey, Idris and Gar nearly died when their air bubbles were weakened, but they were rescued by Defilak.

Later, Idris was mutated after her air bubble fully ran out. Lesovikk and Sarda came across Idris outside Mahri Nui and recruited her to help them defeat Karzahni. She then watched Makuta Teridax, whom she believed to be a Maxilos robot, and Karzahni battle. As the three of them were about to attack Karzahni, the Toa was trapped in a vision sent by the tyrant. The two Matoran rigged a makeshift trap and lured Karzahni to it. Lesovikk, free from the vision, saved the Matoran, making Karzahni spring the trap. After Lesovikk repaired Ehlek's Breathing Helmet, Sarda told her to take it and return to Mahri Nui. As arguing would not help her, she took it and swam away.

As Idris traveled up the Cord with the other remaining Mahri Nui residents, they were ambushed by the mutated Piraka. During the ambush, Zaktan attempted to kill Idris by strangling her, but his attempt failed when Idris stunned the Piraka using her Electro-Blade. She and the other Matoran then stayed in the Nui Caves for the island's descent. She then returned safely to the Southern Continent.

After the Great Spirit Robot was damaged and Teridax's control of it lost, Idris left it for the planet of Spherus Magna, where her mutations were cured by the Ignika.[1]

Abilities and Traits

Idris was rebuilt into a weaker form by Karzahni, although exposure to the Pit Mutagen undid these alterations. However, after her air bubble was later exhausted, she was turned into a water-breather. She was then granted the ability to breathe air as well by Mata Nui, with the use of the Ignika.

Idris cares deeply for her friends, offering Lesovikk the only air helmet for a chance to live on land, but relented and took the helmet at the insistence of Sarda. She has increased lung capacity, and is a good swimmer like all Ga-Matoran.


Idris' weapon, a variation of the Electro-Blade, gives off an electric burst. However, it often does not work due to exposure to the Pit's mutagen.

Idris also had a breathing device that was given to her by Lesovikk that allowed her to breathe water held in a helmet while on land.

Set Information

Idris in set form

Idris was released as part of the Karzahni set in the summer of 2007, along with Sarda and their trap. In this set, she was depicted in her post-mutation form, which featured a tube-like gill piece running from the back of her head to her left hip.


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