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"Immediately, a strange feeling overwhelmed him. As if a cushion of strength had settled in around him, protecting him from all harm."
— Narrator, Tale of the Toa
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Title Mask of Shielding
Powers Protects from known physical attacks
Component disks Growth and Regeneration
Bearers Tahu
The Toa Mata (formerly)
Pronunciation HOW

The Kanohi Hau is the Mask of Shielding. It allows its user to protect themselves from any physical attack that they are aware of by generating a force field. The only difference between the Great and Noble versions is that the Great version forms a stronger and longer-lasting shield than the Noble version.[citation needed]

Kanohi Hau were made from Growth and Regeneration Kanoka in Metru Nui.[MN-CoL, p. 45]

Lhikan's Hau

One of the more famous Kanohi, Lhikan's Kanohi Hau has had a long history. Initially being a powerless Kanohi, it was transformed into its Great version when Lhikan became a Toa.[1] It remained his primary mask throughout his life as a Toa and was transformed into its Noble version when Lhikan became a Turaga after he gave up his Toa power to create the Toa Metru. Before he died, Lhikan entrusted his Kanohi to Toa Metru Vakama, who later gave the mask to Jaller after Jaller's own Kanohi broke in the voyage to the island of Mata Nui.[BA4]

Jaller wore Lhikan's Noble Kanohi Hau for over 1,000 years, long enough to leave an imprint of himself in the mask, which was later used to revive him after he had been killed by a Turahk.[MoL] He was eventually forced to give up the mask when Karzahni confiscated it and exchanged it for a powerless Kanohi Calix.[BL2]

Shortly after Jaller and his friends escaped Karzahni, Toa Nuva Gali destroyed the entire region with a Nova Blast while fighting Makuta Icarax. Tahu managed to retrieve the mask[TNB, Ch. 7] and later gave it back to Toa Mahri Jaller.[2]

Example Usage

A Great Kanohi Hau in action



  • Toa Mata Tahu - Originally exchanged for a Golden Kanohi; has since regained his Hau; also currently wears the Golden Armor Hau
  • Toa Mata Gali - Former secondary mask; exchanged for a Golden Kanohi
  • Toa Mata Lewa - Former secondary mask; exchanged for a Golden Kanohi
  • Toa Mata Pohatu - Former secondary mask; exchanged for a Golden Kanohi
  • Toa Mata Onua - Former secondary mask; exchanged for a Golden Kanohi
  • Toa Mata Kopaka - Former secondary mask; exchanged for a Golden Kanohi
  • Toa Mangai Lhikan - Formerly; became Noble when he transformed into a Turaga
  • Gaardus





  • Lhikan - His original mask was given to Jaller by Vakama; has got a replacement Hau on the Red Star



Picture Description
Hau Tahu.png A Great Kanohi Hau
InfectedHau.png An Infected Kanohi Hau
BH Lhikan's Hau.png Lhikan's variant of the Great Kanohi Hau
Hau Noble.png Lhikan's variant of the Noble Kanohi Hau
Great Hau Tahu Stars.png An Adaptive Great Hau
Golden Armor Hau.png The Golden Armor Hau

Set Information

The green, promotional Kanohi Hau

The Kanohi Hau was first released in the color red with the 2001 8534 Tahu set. Released at the same time was a Kanohi Hau hand-painted with the marks typical of Infected Kanohi, included in the 8538 Muaka & Kane-Ra set and randomly included in several Kanohi mask packs. Kanohi packs could also include the Hau in red, blue, green, white, black, or brown. McDonalds restaurants released 1391 Jala in Happy Meals during the month of September that contained a yellow Kanohi Hau in this same shape, later released worldwide in the 2003 8594 Jaller & Gukko set.

In 2001, LEGOLAND Park in Carlsbad, California, released a model of the Kanohi Hau made with basic LEGO bricks. It came in green, red, and blue. Each had 168 pieces.

The 14-karat solid gold Kanohi Hau

In various promotional events, a 14-karat solid gold Kanohi Hau was released as a prize. This version of the mask came with a chain which could be put through two holes in the back of the mask. The theme of these events usually revolved around the idea of the Golden Kanohi which the Toa Mata would obtain after the collection of all their masks.[citation needed]

The 8559 Krana packs of early 2002 contained one of six gold or silver-colored masks, including the Kanohi Hau.

In 2004, a golden Kanohi Hau of a new shape was released with the 8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo set, worn by Toa Lhikan.

In 2010, two Kanohi Hau were released in the BIONICLE Stars 7116 Tahu set, one colored red, and the other gold for the Golden Armor. These Kanohi Hau are smaller than the original incarnation. Additionally, the 2010 Hau utilizes an axle for connection, whereas the 2001 edition used a stud.



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