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"Great Sundial" is not an official name.
The subject of this article has not been officially named. The term "Great Sundial" either reflects how the subject has been referred to in-story or is an unofficial name popular among fans.
"When I shine light upon it, it points toward the spot from which the Great Spirit can be awakened."
Toa Takanuva, Takanuva's Blog
External Image
Great Sundial
Onu Koro Sundial.png
Manufacturer Great Beings
Users Takanuva
Function Telling time
Locating the Codrex
Unlocking entrance to the Mangaia (formerly)
Status Intact
Location Daxia

The Great Sundial was an object with mysterious properties created by the Great Beings.


The Sundial was within Mata Nui, deployed accidentally as a result of the Great Cataclysm. It became embedded in the surface of the Protodermis comprising the metal face of the Great Spirit, and at some point became integrated into a secret passage leading down into the Mangaia. When the island of Mata Nui formed over the face of the Great Spirit, the Sundial became covered in the rock-like Protodermis comprising the island's bottom-most layer.

The Sundial was not discovered by the Matoran until a thousand years later, when it was exposed during Onu-Matoran excavations in Shaft B of the Great Mine. The Prospector who uncovered it recognized its astrological markings and sketched them onto a tablet.

The chamber beneath the Sundial.

When Takua visited Onu-Koro, a Prospector took the opportunity to ask him to deliver the tablet to the Ga-Koro Astrologer Nixie, whom Takua had befriended, for her opinion. She speculated that an earthquake had caused the Sundial to fall beneath the earth. She also noted that it had an indicator at four o'clock, a marking not shared by any other sundial. The Astrologer offered Takua a Gnomon that she found in the foothills of Mount Ihu to see if it fit in the center of the sundial.

When Takua returned to the Great Mine, he used his Lightstone to imitate sunlight and make the shadow of the Gnomon fall upon the four o'clock marker. This activated the Sundial, whose markings lit up and disappeared, while its center dropped away to form a spiraling staircase downward. At the bottom was a chamber with a mysterious Golden Kanohi and the word Rahi floating above a pedestal.

After the Battle for Kini-Nui, the Kanohi disappeared, and the passageway became an entrance to Makuta Teridax's lair, Mangaia. At Turaga Whenua's suggestion, Takua traveled down the staircase and pressed a newly-exposed button on the pedestal. This caused the floor of the hidden chamber to rapidly descend, carrying the Chronicler into Mangaia to witness Teridax's defeat at the hands of the Toa Mata.

Some time later, a mysterious voice told Toa Nuva Lewa to retrieve the Sundial from Onu-Wahi and place it in an area of the Onu-Metru Archives on Metru Nui, as part of the assignments to awaken Mata Nui. Recovering it in the Archives, Order of Mata Nui member Brutaka used a Kanoka of Shrinking to shrink the sundial, and gave it to Krakua, who in turn gave it to Takanuva before he began his journey to Karda Nui. The Toa of Light used it to locate the Codrex, as per its intended usage.

Some time afterward, the Order of Mata Nui took the sundial back from Takanuva, and it now remains in the rubble on Daxia.


The Great Sundial can be used to locate the Codrex: when light shines on the sundial, the resulting shadow points in the direction of the structure. The face of the sundial is divided into 18 sections that represent the 18 hours of daylight on Spherus Magna. As part of the hidden entrance to the Mangaia, the Sundial could be unlocked if the shadow of its gnomon was cast on the 4 o'clock section.


The markings of the Sundial.
  • The markings around the Sundial are shaped like pieces of the Makoki Stone.


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