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"The world of Spherus Magna was ruled by a collection of men and women called the 'Great Beings.' They were wise and just, and for an age, their creations helped to make life better for everyone who lived on this planet."
— Narrator, Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna
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Great Beings
GBs Mata Nui Head.jpg
Three Great Beings observing the
construction of the Great Spirit Robot
Sapient Species
Powers None natural; various, through their creations
Locations Spherus Magna
Status Active

The Great Beings are powerful creators who once inhabited the planet Spherus Magna.


Rule over Spherus Magna

The Great Beings are enigmatic beings, who create for the sheer love of creating. In the early years of their presence on the planet of Spherus Magna, they encountered the native entity Annona, who tried to use its powers to feed on their dreams. However, Annona found their minds too strange to alter, and the Great Beings instead used the energy to achieve new heights in their creating.

The Great Beings were leaders of the planet, and collectively ruled the Agori. They operated out of several locations on the planet, including the Valley of the Maze and an underground lab established in Tajun. They used their abilities to create and modify numerous tools and beings, such as the Iron Wolves. The Great Beings also experimented with creating entirely organic life, but were not pleased with the results.[1]

One of their experiments, a giant mechanoid, failed to function, and its parts were littered over the planet after it exploded. In order to help them govern the inhabitants of the planet, they created the Element Lords, who commanded the various tribes. In their pursuit of knowledge, the Great Beings experimented on the warriors and Agori of the Sand Tribe, altering their genetic structure.

The Great Beings observing the Core War

More than 100,000 years ago, the Agori discovered a powerful liquid, which the Great Beings came to call Energized Protodermis. Its discovery eventually led to a war on their planet, led by the Element Lords. The Great Beings refused to participate in the war, and tried several peaceful and diplomatic methods to halt the fighting. However, none of their efforts proved fruitful.

Creation of the Matoran Universe

The Great Beings commissioned two Agori, Raanu and Kyry, to retrieve a sample of Energized Protodermis for testing. Their examinations eventually concluded that, if tapped, the power of the Energized Protodermis would cause massive damage to the infrastructure of the planet. In order to repair the inevitable damage, the Great Beings undertook the creation of another enormous robot. Revisiting their former project, they found that it could successfully function by utilizing the Energized Protodermis to stabilize the power source. They also began making plans for a second robot, which was to help the first repair the planet.

Testing of Energized Protodermis

At the same time, they initiated another project, creating the Baterra, mechanical assassins designed to kill every armed combatant in the war. They later tried to shut the Baterra down, though the failsafe did not work, and the Baterra continued to fulfill their programming.

Using the Agori species as a template, the Great Beings created the first Av-Matoran and set them to work building the robot. They created other Matoran using the Av-Matoran as a template, and placed them in key locations around the universe. The Matoran labored in total darkness for years, in complete ignorance as to what they were building.

The Great Beings created the island of Metru Nui, and began laying the foundation of the city (including the Core Processor that was to house the robot's consciousness), which would later be finished by their creations, the first Toa, Helryx, and the Matoran. They then established the various island locations within the Matoran Universe. While they were still constructing the universe, the Great Beings created Tren Krom, who maintained the universe until they were ready for the first robot to begin his job.

In need of motivation for the workers, the Great Beings created Artakha and Karzahni, and gave them the option of choosing what type of location they were to have. They also created the legendary Mask of Creation, which Artakha and Karzahni later fought over. Artakha, winning the Mask of Creation, ended up choosing a sanctuary, where the best Matoran workers would go, and Karzahni chose a place where broken Matoran would be sent to be fixed.

To assist the robot in its task of monitoring the universe, the Great Beings created the Bahrag and Bohrok Va to help their first creations, the Av-Matoran (a select few of whom would later evolve into the mechanical Bohrok) in clearing the island that the robot would use as camouflage. To power the Bohrok, the Great Beings created the Krana from the remnants of the Matoran creation process. However, some of the material accidentally spawned the destructive, reptilian Zyglak. The Great Beings shunned the Zyglak, who fled to the darkest recesses of the universe, nursing a grudge toward their creators and the Matoran. Another of the first Toa they created, a male Toa of Psionics named Orde, was eventually assigned to make the Zyglak calmer, but due to his aggressive nature, he instead made them even more violent. Not wanting such a powerful element to be in the hands of an aggressive group, all subsequent Matoran and Toa of Psionics were made female in the belief that a female artificial intelligence would be more gentle and nurturing.

One of the Great Beings, Heremus, expressed his wish that the robot would carry the great spirit of Spherus Magna with it on its mission. Inspired by this thought, another Great Being, Angonce, named the robot's artificial intelligence Mata Nui, Matoran for "Great Spirit".

The Great Beings also made preparations to ensure that if Mata Nui were ever to be struck down, he could continue to do his function. They provided Artakha with the necessary materials to create a team of Toa that were tasked to awaken Mata Nui and prevent the universe from dying.

A Great Being forging the Kanohi Ignika

In order to prevent the universe from descending into chaos and famine, the Great Beings constructed a failsafe in the form of a mask. This mask was to drain the life from the entire universe if things were to get out of hand. It was also intended to be used as a way to heal Mata Nui, in the event that the Great Spirit needed it. Using the forges of the fortress in the Valley of the Maze, the Great Beings constructed the mask, which they named the Kanohi Ignika. Due to the mask's immense power and sentience, the Great Beings locked it up until they were ready to bring it to the Matoran Universe. One Great Being later uncovered it, curious of its power. The Kanohi Ignika, knowing that this being was not destined for its power, cursed the Great Being with the ability to bring everything around him to life. The Great Being went mad from hearing the voices of the inanimate objects he could bring to life, and was sealed away on Bota Magna.

Two Great Beings later brought the Ignika into the Matoran Universe, traversing across various lands until they reached the Southern Continent. They carved out a staircase that would lead to a chamber that would house the Ignika. They then placed a scroll detailing the steps to prepare the universe for Mata Nui's awakening inside of the Great Temple, to assist the Toa Mata in reviving the Great Spirit. The two Great Beings also tampered with the makeup of the Blade Burrowers, causing them to dig tunnels in the shape of the symbol of the Three Virtues as a constant reminder of the mission.

Once they had finished constructing the locations and the foundations vital for the survival of the universe, the Great Beings removed Tren Krom from Karda Nui and permanently sealed him on a desolate island. They then vacated the universe, leaving the Matoran to finish the body from the inside. Prior to completion, the Great Beings enlisted two of the warrior species of the planet to live inside the robot, in stasis, and to act as pilots in the event the robot's programming was incapacitated.

The Great Beings also created the Red Star to assist the robot in departing from planets, and to repair broken Matoran and other workers. They placed the Kestora inside the Star to maintain its workings.

Recognizing the threat that Toa could pose to the planet were they to be released from the robot, the Great Beings used the little time they had available to them to create Marendar, a being designed to eliminate Toa. Marendar was soon sealed away in a thick vault made of Protodermis.

One of the Great Beings announced to the others that he was going into self-imposed exile. However, this was a distraction, and he transferred his consciousness into the body of a Matoran within the Matoran Universe, curious to see how Mata Nui would function. He took the name Velika, and was responsible for the rise of sapience within the robot's workers.

The Great Beings created Mata Nui's spirit and placed it within the robot, completing their creation. The Great Beings tasked Mata Nui with monitoring the universe outside their planet and learn from it, to prevent a disaster like the Core War from happening again, and to care for his inner workings. Eventually, he would have to return to Spherus Magna to heal the planet. With their creation finished, the Great Beings sent Mata Nui off to achieve his duty.

Soon after Mata Nui had departed their homeland, the Great Beings' world was severely damaged by the spread of the Energized Protodermis, and shattered into pieces. The Great Beings, however, were able to find refuge elsewhere.

Velika's Matoran body after Karzahni's repairs

Velika lived and worked until he was injured and sent to Karzahni, where he was severely weakened and sent to the Southern Continent. In the Great Cataclysm, the center of the island, Voya Nui, was rocketed to the ocean of Aqua Magna. A millennia later, the island came under attack by Piraka searching for the Ignika. Velika became part of the Voya Nui Resistance Team, allying with the Toa Nuva to try and stop the Piraka. When the Toa Inika arrived, Velika aided them and built them multi-shot Zamor Launchers. He later helped rescue the Toa Nuva from the Piraka Stronghold he oversaw the construction of. He was returned to the Southern Continent when the Toa Mahri severed the Cord.

Reformation of Spherus Magna

The Great Being that had touched the Kanohi Ignika, still imprisoned, reached out and froze temporal space around Vezon, who had entered an alternate universe. The Great Being informed Vezon of his race, and of his own imprisonment. Vezon offered to free the Great Being in exchange for his own freedom, and later joined the Great Being in his cell. Vezon then rescued Artakha, Helryx, Lewa, Miserix, Axonn, Brutaka, Tuyet, Kapura, and Hafu from outer space and introduced the Great Being.

Mata Nui was eventually successful in his journey, and brought about the reformation of Spherus Magna. After that occurred, Angonce, using ancient technology in his possession, discovered it and realized that the inhabitants would soon come seeking the Great Beings. He attempted to stop Marendar, whom he feared would be activated by the presence of Toa on the planet, but failed to reach the vault in time.

Meanwhile, Velika emigrated from the Matoran Universe onto the newly reformed Spherus Magna with the rest of the population and began giving the Bota Magna Vorox information on the Toa, including how to turn off a Toa's power. He also murdered Karzahni and Tren Krom, and plans to destroy the fortress where his insane brother is locked up (intending to rid the universe of the powerful individuals present in the tower) as part of a larger scheme to bring about an ironclad rule by the Great Beings.

With Spherus Magna reformed, the Great Beings are now once again residing on the planet.

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

On an alternate Spherus Magna, the Great Beings discovered that the Energized Protodermis was slowly spreading and damaging the planet, which would eventually cause it to shatter into pieces. As a result, they created the Toa, who they ordered to go underground and retrieve the substance, then repair the damage done. They also created the Makuta to help the Toa, protect the Matoran, and to create new life forms.

After Vultraz and Mazeka arrived in the alternate universe, the two were advised to seek out the Great Beings for help on returning to where they came from. They were guided by Teridax to their fortress, where a council of six Great Beings offered Mazeka a return trip back to the Matoran Universe, if he would take an individual from their universe with him. They also decided to experiment on Vultraz, for they wished to know why he was full of shadow. Mazeka was forced to accept, and chose Teridax. They were then transported back to the Matoran Universe.

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, after they launched Mata Nui, the Great Beings built the intended third robot, and Mata Nui completed his destiny effectively and entirely.[1]

Great Spirit Makuta Alternate Universe

In an alternate reality, the Great Beings decided to name their robotic creation Makuta instead of Mata Nui.

Abilities and Traits

Great Beings possess the simple, inexorable urge to create, from which stems the multitude and diversity of their creations. They are very obsessive about their creations, and are more interested in working and designing things than anything else.

While lacking the raw physicality of many of their creations, Great Beings have greater ethereal powers. They are able to manipulate many facets of their creations, and can appear invisible to them at will, as well as being able to communicate to them across dimensions. Despite their semi-ethereal natures, the Great Beings are not immune to physical impact and can be injured with enough force.[2]

The Great Being that was driven insane and locked away had the power to freeze temporal space around subjects.

Known Great Beings

  • Angonce - A Great Being who was rumored to have taught a female Skrall how to amplify her powers. He was known to be curious about the Agori.
  • Heremus - One of the Great Beings who worked on the Baterra
  • Velika - A Great Being who was in the Matoran Universe for 100,000 years, posing as one of its inhabitants, before he escaped to the reformed Spherus Magna.
  • A Great Being that touched the Kanohi Ignika and was cursed by it; later driven insane and imprisoned. He eventually summoned several powerful beings from the Matoran Universe to his cell.
  • Two Great Beings that hid the Kanohi Ignika and Scroll of Preparations in the Matoran Universe.

Social Structure and Interactions

The Great Beings were originally rulers of Spherus Magna, administrating and overseeing the various elemental tribes that were present on the planet. However, they later retired in order to devote more time to their creations, passing on their duties to the Element Lords. The resulting war and subsequent planetary disaster led to much of the population harboring deep resentment for the Great Beings.

Within the Matoran Universe, most of the inhabitants praise and respect the Great Beings, as they are responsible for their entire existence. Both cultures, however, have adopted the idiom "thank the Great Beings".

Each Great Being had the same status as another; they had no distinct, individual leader, working together as equals.

Known Creations and Experiments


"It is believed that the Great Beings came into existence long before Mata Nui - and dwarf even him in sheer power."
BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated
"At times like this he wonders if the Great Beings are truly brilliant beyond imagining, or hopelessly mad. Or if there's even any difference between the two..."
Mata Nui's thoughts, Valley of Fear
"I do not speak to the beings of this world. They never see me, or hear me, and so it is left to their imaginations to conjure what I am like, how I think, and what I believe. The imagination has an infinite capacity to fill in the blanks with what it wants to be there."
— The cursed Great Being to Vezon, Reign of Shadows
"He, his brothers and sisters were scholars. Their theories, discoveries and inventions had transformed this world and changed the lives of the inhabitants, the Agori, in many ways. In gratitude, they had long ago been proclaimed rulers of Spherus Magna. The Agori called them the “Great Beings.” But the business of running a world – settling disputes, managing economies, dealing with defense issues, worrying about food and equipment supplies – all of this the Great Beings found a distraction. They wanted to build, study, invent, not oversee, adjudicate, and set policy."
Angonce's thoughts, Journey's End
"Efficient and deceptive ... two hallmarks of the Great Being's work."
— Mata Nui, Journey's End
"A Great Being, yes ... that is what they called me ... and my brothers and sisters. Angonce once said that name was the worst thing that ever happened to us, because we started to believe it was accurate."
— The cursed Great Being, Reign of Shadows


  • No official population numbers were ever given for the Great Beings, but in a January 2, 2015 posting by GregF on the LEGO Message Boards, he estimated their numbers to be at "less than 20".[3]


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