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"Instantly, the Toa felt his elemental power building up inside of him. Then it was being released against his will, flowing out of him and creating stone all around."
— Narrator, The Final Battle
External Image
Mask of Disruption.png
Title Mask of Disruption
Powers Makes target lose control of a power
Component disks Unknown
Bearers Gorast (formerly)
Pronunciation Fell-nahs

The Kanohi Felnas is the Mask of Disruption. It allows its user to cause any one natural active power of another to go out of control. The user has to be touching their target to affect them.

Example Usage

Gorast used her Kanohi Felnas in The Final Battle to send Pohatu's Elemental Power of Stone out of control, causing him to bury himself and Photok in a giant boulder.




  • Toa would not normally wear this mask, due to its association with the Makuta, and the fact that they feel its power is immoral.
  • Due to her mutation, Gorast developed a stinger on her mask that could drain a being's light. The stinger was not actually part of the mask.