Element Lord of Earth

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Element Lord of Earth
Element Lord
Tribe Earth Tribe
Region Areas of Bota Magna[1]
Tools Unknown
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna

The Element Lord of Earth is the leader of the Earth Tribe and one of the seven Element Lords.[2]


The Lord of Earth was a female warrior of the Earth Tribe who had a role in the tribe's government.[3][4] She was approached by the Great Beings to take part in an experiment. She was fused with her element, becoming one with Earth, and was made ruler of the Earth Tribe that resided in the Great Jungle.[1][2]

Due to their connection with the subterranean world, the Earth Tribe knew of Energized Protodermis for a short while before it leaked on to the surface of Spherus Magna. The Lord of Earth contemplated keeping the substance for herself and the tribe, but realized it would make her tribe a target. However, she still wanted control of the resource. Assuming it would come to the surface at some point, she sat back and waited for someone else to discover it. Once the Ice Tribe found it, she and her tribe subtly encouraged the Ice Agori to seize control of the resource, knowing it would provoke conflict.

This resulted in the start of the Core War. The Earth Tribe was the only tribe not to fight in the war. While professing a wish to peace, they undermined any effort to end the war behind the scenes. Their plan was to wait until the other tribes has exhausted themselves in battle and then swoop in and take the well. Things went too far, and before the Earth Tribe could do anything, the war was ended by the The Shattering.[5]

Most of the surviving Earth Tribe was stranded on Bota Magna,[5] along with the Lord of Earth.[6][7]

After the Shattering, it became common knowledge that the Earth Tribe was responsible for the Core War. As a consequence, none of the other tribes wanted anything to do with them. The Earth Tribe was ostracized from society and is never mentioned anymore.[5]

Over 100,000 years later, Mata Nui used the power of the Prototype Robot and the Great Spirit Robot in conjunction to bring the three fragments of Spherus Magna together, reforming the planet.[JE, p. 52] The Earth Tribe now resides on the reformed planet.[8] They plan to foment distrust among the other tribes to prevent a worldwide alliance against them.[7]

Abilities and Traits

The Element Lord of Earth possesses the power of Earth, and is intertwined with the element itself.[JE, p. 2] Like the other members of her tribe, she is extremely tied to nature.[9][7] Unlike the other Element Lords, she is not aggressive and territorial. Instead, she is subtle, arranging for her enemies to weaken one another as opposed to challenging them in battle herself.[10]


The Lord of Earth was given tools that reflect her nature.[JE, p. 3]


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