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External Image
Comic Electro-Blade.png
Users Dekar (formerly)
Function Herding Hydruka (formerly)
Melee combat
Delivering electric shocks
Status In use

Electro-Blades are melee weapons used by the Matoran of Mahri Nui. They give off a controlled electric shock, and can be used for both defense and for herding Hydruka. Defilak and Kyrehx both wield a pair of these; Dekar wielded a pair as well, until his transformation into Dekar-Hydraxon. Sarda and Idris both wield variations of the Electro-Blades that give off a more powerful electric shock, but exposure to Pit Mutagen causes them to work inconsistently.

Example Usage

An Electro-Blade in set form

In Downfall, Idris used her Electro-Blade to attack Zaktan when he was holding her hostage.

Set Information

The Electro-Blades were released in the Defilak and Dekar sets in early 2007, and subsequently with Sarda and Idris in the Karzahni set later in the year. Dekar and Defilak each held two blades made from two parts: a primary blade, and a hilt. Idris's single blade was made in a similar way with a new, longer blade mold. Sarda's blade was composed of two identical curved blades attached to either side of his hand.