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This article is about the duplicate Hydraxon. You may be looking for the original.
"Dekar-Hydraxon" is not an official name.
The subject of this article has not been officially named. The term "Dekar-Hydraxon" either reflects how the subject has been referred to in-story or is an unofficial name popular among fans.
"He was a black armored being of power, a spirit of justice and vengeance, and his duty was clear. The Pit was a jail, all who lived there were prisoners, and he was here to slam the cell door shut."
— Narrator, Prisoners of the Pit
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Papercutz Hydraxon.jpg
Order of Mata Nui Operative
Kanohi None
Powers Mental shielding
Tools Cordak Blaster
Back Blades
Wrist Blades
Exploding Boomerangs
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna[1]
Pronunciation Day-KAR High-DRACKS-on

Dekar-Hydraxon is the transformed version of the Matoran Dekar, made into an exact replica of the Order of Mata Nui member Hydraxon by the Kanohi Ignika. As he believes he is the original being, he goes by the name Hydraxon.



Dekar's transformation into Hydraxon

A Po-Matoran named Dekar was attempting to make his way back to the underwater city of Mahri Nui from a nearby sea cave, running short of air after his experiences with the Kanohi Ignika and escape from the Barraki. The Ignika, in need of a guardian, used its powers to save the Matoran's life, transforming him into a replica of Hydraxon. With Dekar's mind and memories completely buried under Hydraxon's, the newly reborn Hydraxon continued his journey. Believing everyone else to be Pit escapees, Hydraxon recruited one of the Maxilos robots and embarked on a quest to capture everyone in the open ocean.

Mahri Nui

Hydraxon firing his Cordak Blaster at the Ignika

Upon arriving at Mahri Nui, Hydraxon spotted and captured Toa Mahri Matoro. After incarcerating the Toa and throwing him in a jail cell, Hydraxon brought Maxilos and Spinax to guard it. He then left the cell, to continue his mission. Hydraxon later spied on a Barraki meeting, noting their strengths and weaknesses, and listing the types of weapons he would need to capture them. While searching for more escaped prisoners, he spotted Nocturn, and attacked the escapee. Hydraxon was able to defeat Nocturn, and acquired the Mask of Life, which Nocturn had been keeping. Remembering a faint memory from Dekar, he attempted to blast the mask with his Cordak Blaster, believing it too dangerous to be in the Pit. Toa Hahli redirected the Cordak mini-rocket with a riptide and engaged him in combat.

Hahli attacking Hydraxon

Mantax managed to acquire the Ignika in the midst of the fight. Hahli and Hydraxon attempted to attack the warlord, but were drained of energy by Mantax's curse, and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Mantax instructed them to tell the other Barraki to meet him at the Razor Whale's Teeth, and Mantax with his army of Underwater Rays.

When Mantax had gained enough distance, both Hydraxon and Hahli regained their strength. Hydraxon immediately looked for Nocturn, though the inmate had since fled. The jailor departed in search of Mantax.

Hydraxon traveling along the seafloor

Hydraxon later met with a Maxilos in an undersea mountain overlooking the Barraki's meeting. Maxilos attempted to persuade Hydraxon to chase after other escaped prisoners instead. When Hydraxon refused to do so, Maxilos revealed that the armor was being possessed by Makuta Teridax. Hydraxon summoned Spinax to attack Teridax using an ancient dialect of Matoran. When Spinax was defeated, Hydraxon, knowing the amount of power a Makuta may hold, attempted to paralyze the robotic body with well placed daggers. Maxilos/Teridax unleashed a power scream, knocking Hydraxon down. Refusing to be defeated, Hydraxon aimed his Cordak Blaster at the undersea mountain and fired, burying Maxilos/Teridax in a pile of rubble.

Hydraxon then attempted to retrieve the Ignika from Jaller, who had obtained it, but was suddenly attacked by Spinax. After Hydraxon pushed the beast away, Maxilos knocked Hydraxon unconscious.

Later, Hydraxon encountered the Toa Mahri. When he demanded the mask, Matoro offered it and the attached duty to the jailer. Listening to the Toa Mahri's experiences, he eventually agreed to let them go with the Ignika.

Hydraxon finds the destroyed Maxilos.

After the battle, and the revival of Mata Nui, Hydraxon came across the damaged body of Maxilos. He retrieved the body, now freed from Teridax's control, and took it away in the hopes of repairing it, though he eventually gave up the task. Hydraxon then began attempting to recapture the escaped prisoners.

Hydraxon's Tale

Hydraxon capturing Pridak

While hunting down prisoners, Hydraxon was confronted by Pridak and an army of Takea sharks. The Barraki leader called him a fake, and Hydraxon admitted that others have told him the same. After defeating the Takea and combatting the Barraki, Hydraxon allowed Pridak to tell his story. Pridak explained to the jailer how a Matoran named Dekar had gone missing around the time of Hydraxon's reappearance, and that the Ignika had made a new Hydraxon out of the Matoran, attempting to demoralize him. Hydraxon insisted on his identity and defeated Pridak, jailing the Barraki.

War with the Brotherhood

As he and Spinax continued their task to capture the Pit escapees, he was met with assistance from Lesovikk and Sarda. Initially Hydraxon refused help from them because he thought that the Toa and his Matoran companion were escapee prisoners. However, after realizing they were not, he relented and allied with the duo. Since then, they managed to capture several of the former prisoners, including four of the Barraki and Nocturn. Shortly afterwards, he received a message from Toa Helryx, ordering him to draft the Barraki in the Order's war against the Brotherhood of Makuta. He showed this message to Lesovikk, alerting the Toa to the Order's existence, and released the Barraki. He then began assisting the Order of Mata Nui in their war efforts.[2]

Although the Order won the war, Teridax still managed to usurp control of the Matoran Universe. When Teridax was finally defeated by Mata Nui, Hydraxon was forced to leave the failing universe. Arriving on Spherus Magna, he became amphibious as a result of an energy wave released from the Ignika.[1]

Abilities and Traits

As a duplicate, Dekar-Hydraxon possesses the same set of abilities as the original, including the combat skills and mental shielding, in addition to the sensitive hearing. He also exhibits the same personality, with a single-minded dedication to the justice of his profession.

Dekar-Hydraxon could only breathe water, and is immune to the effects of the Pit Mutagen, changes made by the Ignika to allow him to function underwater. He was later granted the ability to breathe air by Mata Nui with the use of the Ignika, and has become amphibious.

The Ignika gave Dekar the original Hydraxon's memories, and in turn repressed the memories of his time as a Matoran. While the section of Dekar-Hydraxon's mind that holds all memories as an Order of Mata Nui member is shielded, the section of his mind that holds his memories as a Matoran is not, and is accessible to mind-readers. Despite faint recollections of his time as a Matoran, Dekar-Hydraxon is oblivious to his origins; even when presented with evidence of his true past, he refuses to acknowledge its legitimacy, still devoting himself to the job assigned.


Dekar-Hydraxon carries the same weapons and armor as the original: a Cordak Blaster, Wrist Blades, as well as Exploding Boomerangs. He also bears two Back Blades which he can launch telekinetically. Stats


Set Information

Dekar-Hydraxon in set form

8923 Hydraxon was released as a large boxed set in the summer of 2007 and consisting of 165 pieces, represents both the original Hydraxon and his duplicate. The set featured heavy armor and weaponry, including moveable claws and Back Blades, as well as a Cordak Blaster projectile shooter. The set featured nine Cordak mini-rockets, three of which could be stored on his feet at specific points while the other six occupied the barrel of the Cordak Blaster.


"Hydraxon??? But... you're dead. You died in the earthquake that set us free from our prison!"
"I got better."
Nocturn and Hydraxon, Battle in the Deep!
"Welcome to the Pit, runner. My name is Hydraxon. You have the right to remain jailed."
— Hydraxon to Toa Mahri Matoro, Prisoners of the Pit
"Who I am is my business. Staying out of my way is yours."
— Hydraxon to Toa Mahri Hahli, Downfall
"It's like he's looking for all these escapees, but he's the one who's really lost."
— Toa Mahri Hahli, Downfall
"You don't get it. It doesn't matter who I was before. What counts is who I am now - Hydraxon. Your enemy. Your jailer... Your nightmare for 90 millennia, and for every day that's left to you."
— Hydraxon to Pridak, Hydraxon's Tale
"So what are you going to do?"
"What I've always done. Follow orders.
Lesovikk and Hydraxon, Destiny War


Hydraxon in Command Toa Hewkii
  • Dekar-Hydraxon was technically never inducted as a member of the Order of Mata Nui. However, as he believes he is the original Hydraxon and retains all of his memories, and the Order is unaware of the original's death, he serves as a member anyway.
  • Greg Farshtey indicated that had the original Bionicle storyline continued, Dekar-Hydraxon might have ended up becoming a bounty hunter of sorts. Meanwhile, the Spherus Magna equivalent of the Pit may have been overseen by Glatorian and the Maxilos robots.[3]


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