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Chronist-Wiki Main Page
Managers Nuhrii the Metruan
Type German BIONICLE Wiki Reference Site

Chronist-Wiki (German for Chronicler Wiki) is the top-quality German BIONICLE Wiki that is in a partnership with BIONICLEsector01 wiki.


The Chronist-Wiki was formed on the 14th of February in 2010 by Nuhrii the Metruan on Media Wiki software to create a German BIONICLE Wiki. Originally the only editors were hand-picked individuals and the Wiki staff. Takanuva was voted to be on the main page and represent the Wiki. Viewers of the Wiki could send in e-mail submissions for new articles to Nuhrii the Metruan even if they could not edit to help the process of building the Wiki along. On November 21st later that year as a test by Nuhrii the Metruan to let regular editors in. This was followed by the official mainstream opening of Chronist-Wiki on the 3rd of January in 2011. On April 18 of that year, BS01 Wiki formed a partnership with the Chronist-Wiki to have inter-language links between mainspace pages connecting the two Wikis. Editors on Chronist-Wiki added links to the BS01 English pages, while BS01 editors added links to the German pages on Chronist-Wiki.

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