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Type Official Site is an official branch of Its purpose is to give BIONICLE fans knowledge of the storyline. It features many different story serials that overlap with each other, mini-movies, and games. It also contains information about the various characters seen throughout the years.

For the first half of 2007, the site had only the Barraki mini-movie and a "Coming Soon" message. This changed in the second half of the year when four new sections were added: a game section, a section on the Toa and one on the other characters, and a story serial section. In 2008, the site was entirely revamped to include information from all years of BIONICLE.

In 2007, a chapter of each of the three serials was generally updated every other Monday. In 2008, a new serial chapter was typically added once a week. However, it eventually changed to one serial on one week, and two serials on the following week. This was then changed again late in the year, when two updates were made in a week.

As of June 19, 2013, was shut down alongside


In June 2013 was taken down and now redirects to the homepage. However, you can find the complete site archived by JrMasterModelBuilder on the BioMedia Project.


The formatting of in 2010 continues the trend of the previous two years. The center video section was, however, changed into an advertisement for the BIONICLE Stars. Additionally, new web serials featured on the sidebar include:


Continued from 2008, a sidebar on the lefthand side of the website's main page contains links to the latest web serial chapters. Included in the archives of these serials are the serials from 2008 and 2007. In the center of the main page is a video section containing an advertisement for the Glatorian.

On the "Latest Story" page of the site, links are provided for the most recent chapters of the three stories: Empire of the Skrall under the heading "Blog", Riddle of the Great Beings under "Podcast", and Reign of Shadows under "Story Serials".


The site itself consists of six total sections, including the main page. A navigational bar lies at the top of every page, but included on the main page are additional links, accompanied by images, to some of the sections, and various videos are featured at the top with a link to the latest story synopsis.

Latest Story

The Latest Story section of provides a brief introduction to the Karda Nui saga as well as the numerous serials. Along the left hand side of the main page were links to the latest web serials.

Story Overview

This section of provides a summary of the entire BIONICLE saga thus far. It divides the story into twelve chapters and links each to a page with a larger, in-depth summary.

Heroes, Villains & More

This section provides brief biographies for most characters featured throughout the BIONICLE saga. The section is further divided into six sub-sections for each type of character: Heroes, Villains, Titans & Warriors, Matoran, Rahi, and Others. Each sub-section includes a description of the category and a list of pages in that category. Each page in turn has a short bio of the character, a picture (as well as a movie link if applicable), and a fact chart including details such as mask, tools, primary color, element, and the first location where the character appeared.

In a 2009 update, the Matoran sub-section was renamed Villagers, and the category description was updated to describe Agori as well.

The BIONICLE Universe

The BIONICLE Universe section of gives information on the six locations that have been featured as the primary location for one or more years of the BIONICLE storyline.


The Archive section contained the old version of, with all of its old content included. It was recently deleted.

Game Port

There were seven playable games in the Game Port, featuring each Toa Mahri with his or her own game, and all of them in the final game.

Deep Sea Port

In the Deep Sea Port the arrow keys were used to explore the Pit and learn about its inhabitants. Whenever the port cabin was visited, there was a tab marked "History" on the right. Clicking it allowed quick access to the characters already found while in the exploration feature.

Toa Chamber

The Toa Chamber provided basic information on the six Toa Mahri, including their Toa Tools and Kanohi.

Command Center

The Command Center was a hub center for the story serials and movies of 2007. It contained the following content:

Movie Section

Story Serials Section

Toa Nuva Blog

Ask Greg

Bio Cast

  • Movie Download - Here the videos could be downloaded from the Movie Section.
  • Audio Download - Here the user could download the Into the Darkness chapters read by Greg Farshtey.


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