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Category:Masks of Power | 18:27, 8 December 2014 (CET)

Although currently only relevant to two articles, the present understanding regarding Masks of Power is that they articles covering them will be made in due time, once more is known about them. In consideration of forward thinking, the category being made now and incorporated into the relevant template would assuage issues later. Furthermore, it would eliminate the current issue with the Mask of Creation (Generation 2) article which has it labeled as a Kanohi. Because the simple fact of the matter is, Masks of Power are not Kanohi. (Yes, I am fully aware of the possibility of the term being adopted for Gen 2, although find it quite unlikely. All the same, they are still not literally the same things.) --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)


Page will be made.


Re: Plurality: Typo: Oops: Colon. --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)

Boidoh, I'm curious what more you need to know to have a category...? It literally just needs to say "These are Masks of Power." --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)

It seems pointless to have a category where at this point would only include the Masks of Power page and the Mask of Creation page. --Boidoh (talk) 00:07, 9 December 2014 (CET)
There will be more, though... --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)
Then we be patient and wait until that happens. In my opinion, there is no need to rush. --Boidoh (talk) 01:47, 9 December 2014 (CET)

Template:MaskOfPower | 02:53, 9 December 2014 (CET)

A sister template to Template:Kanohi of sorts, this would allow for a couple of things. Primarily, it would simplify the aforementioned other template by not having to implement numerous case statements in its writing. It would also let the pages it will be used on be better associated with Gen 2 by having a different graphic displayed on them instead of the current Kanoka, which doesn't fit. (Granted, there is only one so far - but that does still indicate a necessity since the current template isn't entirely appropriate and was just retrofitted. And there will be more.) --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)


  1. --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs) 02:53, 9 December 2014 (CET)
  2. Aye. That will also remove the MoC from Category:Kanohi. --Angel Bob (talk) 03:12, 9 December 2014 (CET)
  3. See above. External Image Speak to Me
  4. I think its a good idea. --Herofanofall (talk) 04:52, 9 December 2014 (CET)
  5. Obitor (Talk) 07:17, 9 December 2014 (CET)
  6. LockmanCapulet Crusty relics! 12:02, 9 December 2014 (CET)
  7. --maxim21 12:11, 9 December 2014 (CET)
  8. If we have different templates for the Toa of generation 2, then I think there should be a separate template for Masks of Power. --Vartemp Talk 23:54, 16 December 2014 (CET)


  1. Just move template:Kanohi to template:Mask and add more switches. •Shine 09:27, 9 December 2014 (CET)
  2. I'm with Shine on this one. --Collector1100 (talk) 23:24, 9 December 2014 (CET)


Shine, I think we need a new template b/c for all we know, the Masks of Power could be inherently vastly different from Kanohi as we know them. About all we can confirm for right now is the fact that they have powers and they go on faces. LockmanCapulet Crusty relics! 12:04, 9 December 2014 (CET)

I certainly wouldn't dismiss it out of hand - it was definitely a possibility I considered as well. However, if we can reduce the complexity of using the template, wouldn't that be better? --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)

I'm torn; I like Shine's idea, but Kanohi's a legacy term, man. -- Dorek Talk External Image 18:08, 9 December 2014 (CET)

Prophecy of Heroes

We have a page for the Legend of Mata Nui, why not this prayer too? Where else will it fit?--Boidoh (talk) 21:45, 16 December 2014 (CET)


  1. --Boidoh (talk) 21:45, 16 December 2014 (CET)
  2. --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs) 21:51, 16 December 2014 (CET)
  3. Toa Green Ninja - Bearer of the Mask of Spinjitzu (talk) 21:55, 16 December 2014 (CET)
  4. --Collector1100 (talk) 21:55, 16 December 2014 (CET)
  5. --Gresh113, Toa of Air (talk) 22:09, 16 December 2014 (CET)
  6. Oh, yes, absolutely. The sandbox looks excellent, too, although I have one suggestion below. --Angel Bob (talk) 22:13, 16 December 2014 (CET)
  7. --Vartemp Talk 23:54, 16 December 2014 (CET)
  8. --maxim21 09:36, 19 December 2014 (CET)



I have a rough idea of how it will look here.
--Boidoh (talk) 21:57, 16 December 2014 (CET)

I like it, although I would suggest that the subheading "prayer" be changed to "inscription" or "legend". It was read off of the ancient carvings to a newbie Protector; it probably wasn't the prayer actually recited at the Temple of Time. --Angel Bob (talk) 22:13, 16 December 2014 (CET)

I suppose...
Anybody can find a picture on BS01 where Ekimu's body is whispering the prophecy? It seems the picture I used on the sandbox was deleted. --Boidoh (talk) 20:07, 18 December 2014 (CET)
Here you go.
I was thinking every time while editing articles that used it before that "prayer" really doesn't seem like the right word to use. But I couldn't come up with a better one to use for what speaking the Prophecy would be... A ritual, maybe? --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)
Oration, if we wanna get generic. -- Dorek Talk External Image 05:06, 19 December 2014 (CET)
Seems we have 8 for yes... Can it be made now? --Boidoh (talk) 15:22, 19 December 2014 (CET)


--Boidoh (talk) 23:56, 16 December 2014 (CET)


  1. --Boidoh (talk) 22:05, 16 December 2014 (CET)
  2. Toa Green Ninja - Bearer of the Mask of Spinjitzu (talk) 21:29, 17 December 2014 (CET)
  3. --Collector1100 (talk) 21:34, 17 December 2014 (CET)
  4. --Gresh113, Toa of Air (talk) 21:58, 17 December 2014 (CET)
  5. Only if the article title will be "Okoto Villagers". --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs) 22:00, 17 December 2014 (CET)
  6. I've been saying this should happen for weeks now. Heck yeah. --Angel Bob (talk) 22:23, 17 December 2014 (CET)
  7. --maxim21 09:36, 19 December 2014 (CET)



Maybe "Okoto Villagers"? Toa Green Ninja - Bearer of the Mask of Spinjitzu (talk) 21:29, 17 December 2014 (CET)

Absolutely a better name. There has to be something to distinguish them. --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)
I don't feel as strongly, but yeah, probably good to add a clarifier. "Villagers (Generation 2)" might work, but I could understand if people would rather see fewer parentheses around. --Angel Bob (talk) 22:23, 17 December 2014 (CET)
I'll make a sandbox. --Boidoh (talk) 22:29, 17 December 2014 (CET)

Sand box: here --Boidoh (talk) 01:01, 18 December 2014 (CET)

There are some issues with grammar and punctuation in that sandbox, but they could be fixed. I really take issue with the phrase "villager of the Green", though. I know you have some sort of zealous obsession with that name, but it's never been used in the G2 continuity -- only in the Matoran Universe of G1. Take it off right now.
Also, I'd suggest that you put the fishing/meditating villagers in the same group, ie. under a header "Several villagers who enjoyed a time of peace under Ekimu's rule". My reasoning is that we don't actually know how long it's been since Ekimu and Makuta had their falling-out, so those villagers might be long gone; as such, they should be listed separately from current villagers like the crowd that met Tahu. Savvy? --Angel Bob (talk) 19:23, 18 December 2014 (CET)
The whole the Green thing was there as a joke. It would have been replaced with Jungle when the actual page was made. :P
OK. --Boidoh (talk) 19:54, 18 December 2014 (CET)


I don't have a Sandbox, mainly because I know nothing about our newest partners except that they speak French, but isn't that a good reason to make a page? Let's find out things about these guys! Inevitable precedence justification: we have one for Chronist-Wiki. ζoxHistories External Image


  1. ζoxHistories External Image
  2. Toa Green Ninja - Bearer of the Mask of Spinjitzu (talk) 19:48, 20 December 2014 (CET)
  3. --Boidoh (talk) 20:06, 20 December 2014 (CET)



I would lean towards a soft "no". I know Chronist-Wiki does have a page, but I feel like they have more their place in the mainspace, being a part of Der Chronist (which organized canon contests as IDBM). The Nuvapedia, on the other side, didn't have any influence on the story. --maxim21 09:36, 19 December 2014 (CET)

Currently the big things on the Chronist page are the basic history of the wiki and the fact that we be partnered with them. By that measure, NP ought to fit. This info about Der Chronist and IDBM, on the other hand, is new info to me. Do we have that recorded somewhere? If not, I know which Mainspace page it ought to go on...
This never ended up happening before AfC came back (because lazy), but there was also gonna be a TTV page due to our closeness with them, and I don't recall TTV organizing contests. If neither this nor a TTV page happen, what might you say to a BIONICLEsector01:Partners type of page being nominated? Here I shall also send out brainwaves and try to draw staff in to get the official side on what happened with the TTV page not happening. ζoxHistories External Image
The fact IDBM evolved into Der Chronist isn't recorded anywhere here, I think. That's on CW, though. As for the canon tidbit it created, IDBM is cited on the concerned pages. (Kyry for example). Not sure if that's clear, but IDBM stands for the german of Unofficial German BIONICLE Magazine, BTW.
Personnaly, I would find a BIONICLEsector01:Partners page better, yes.
On a side note, the usual acronym for Nuvapedia is NIE - Nuvapedia being initially another acronym for the full name Nuva Independent Encyclopedia that finished taking the place of the full name. --maxim21 12:04, 19 December 2014 (CET)

Battle of Ekimu and Makuta

We know what happened, and the outcome now, so it would make a good first event page for G2. Toa Green Ninja - Bearer of the Mask of Spinjitzu (talk) 19:47, 20 December 2014 (CET)


  1. Toa Green Ninja - Bearer of the Mask of Spinjitzu (talk) 19:47, 20 December 2014 (CET)
  2. I've been saying this for months... --Boidoh (talk) 20:06, 20 December 2014 (CET)
  3. I liked the page back when it was first put on the wiki. Now we have even more information. Looking at all the Skull Spider fight scenes in the animations, perhaps we should also establish a Battles and Conflicts (Generation 2) page, hmm? --Angel Bob (talk) 21:31, 20 December 2014 (CET)


  1. I still say it was hardly a battle. --Vartemp Talk 21:51, 20 December 2014 (CET)
  2. --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs) 22:20, 20 December 2014 (CET)


Didn't this get voted down before? =P. I guess it's been a month. I'd still lean towards no, but I don't feel like voting. -- Dorek Talk External Image 20:34, 20 December 2014 (CET)