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BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn (Game)

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"BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn (Game)" is not an official name.
The subject of this article has not been officially named. The term "BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn (Game)" either reflects how the subject has been referred to in-story or is an unofficial name popular among fans.
BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn (Game)
BIONICLE The Legend Reborn Card Game.png
Card Game
Year released 2009

BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn is a card game produced by the Italian company "edibas collections". The cards feature characters from 2009, and are semi-transparent. The full card game consists of 160 cards, plus special edition versions of several with a glittery background instead of a transparent background. The cards feature BIONICLE characters from Bara Magna. Some cards feature portraits of characters in various poses, whereas others consist of scenes from BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn. All cards' backgrounds consist of different colors moulded into the frame of a character.

Card Layout

At the bottom of each card locates a set of values. These values indicate different strengths and weaknesses of the character, for example, strength and defense. The values also include the radius and range in which the Glatorian card being played can attack from.

On the reverse of each card locates the number of the card, and the amount of bonus points a player can receive from the character. The game requires a board, which needs to be downloaded from the edibas website.

Cards (sorted by first appearance of a certain character)


  • Ackar (11 CGI, 9 also with glittery background, 8 movie scenes)
  • Malum (3 CGI)
  • Kiina (12 CGI, 9 also with glittery background, 8 movie scenes)
  • Tarix (3 CGI)
  • Gelu (11 CGI, 9 also with glittery background)
  • Strakk (4 CGI, 3 movie scenes)
  • Vastus (12 CGI, 9 also with glittery background)
  • Gresh (3 CGI, 5 movie scenes)
  • Vorox (3 CGI, 1 also with glittery background)


  • Tuma (3 CGI, 3 also with glittery background, 2 movie scenes)
  • Stronius (4 CGI, 1 of them with movie Stronius, 3 also with glittery background)
  • Skrall (4 CGI, 2 movie scenes)


  • Atakus (3 CGI, 3 also with glittery background)
  • Raanu (4 CGI, 1 movie scene)
  • Berix (3 CGI, 1 movie scene)
  • Metus (3 CGI, 2 movie scenes)
  • Tarduk (3 CGI)
  • Zesk (3 CGI, 1 also with glittery background)


  • Mata Nui (3/5 CGI, 3 also with glittery background, 12/14 movie scenes)
  • Click (2 movie scenes)
  • Fero and Skirmix (1 CGI Fero, 1 CGI Skirmix, 2 CGI Fero and Skirmix, 3 movie scenes Fero and Skirmix, 2 movie scenes Fero. Movie cards feature Bonehunters and Rock Steed, but referred to as Fero and Skirmix)
  • Tribal Symbols (6 with Glatorian Legends symbols)
  • Bara Magna symbol (1 "gold", 1 "metal")