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"I hungered. And when I hunger, I feed."
— Annona, Sahmad's Tale
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Other Being
Powers Telepathy, psionic power bestowment, mind control, illusion, Teleportation, dream consumption
Status Unknown
Location Separate dimension
Pronunciation Ann-NO-nuh

Annona is a powerful entity native to Spherus Magna, and was responsible for the decimation of the Iron Tribe.


Early life

Annona is an extremely old entity whose history predates the Great Beings. When the Great Beings arose on the planet, Annona observed them in case they posed a threat to her. At one point, she tried to drive them to madness with her powers, but she found their minds too alien. The Great Beings in turn thrived on her mind, taking her dreams and using them as inspiration for their own creations. Annona was soon forced underground in order to avoid them.


Spherus Magna

103,000 years ago, Annona grew hungry and fed on the dreams of the Iron Tribe members in an event known by the Agori as the Dreaming Plague.

Annona also granted the female Skrall psionic powers, expecting to see them destroy the males of their species. However, the Sisters were instead driven out of Skrall society. They were also ignorant as to the source of their power, believing it was given to them by Angonce.

Bara Magna

When the Core War caused the Shattering, breaking Spherus Magna apart into three parts, Annona was trapped on Bara Magna, the largest of the fragments, where she remained underground for over 100,000 years. The Sisters of the Skrall went looking for Angonce, the believed source of their powers, in order to gain even more power. Annona captured all of the Sisters and stripped them of their individual wills. Annona also covertly fed on the dreams of Metus.

Return to the surface

Shortly after Mata Nui reunited the three parts of Spherus Magna, Metus returned to the place where Annona had fed on his dreams, leading surviving members of the Iron Tribe, Telluris and Sahmad, who were searching for the source of the Dreaming Plague. Annona dragged all three underground with her tentacles, placing Sahmad under an illusion set 750 years in the future and disguising the Sisters as various Agori, Glatorian, Toa and Matoran. However, Sahmad saw through the illusion and broke free, escaping to the surface of Spherus Magna with Telluris and Metus. However, Annona realized that Spherus Magna was free of Great Beings and also emerged from the underground.

Annona scanned the planet for dreaming individuals whom she could feed on, settled on the Skakdi of the Skakdi Fortress, and teleported to the shores of Aqua Magna. Followed by Sahmad, Telluris, and Metus, she ascended to the fortress and placed all the Skakdi in the thrall of her illusions. However, she was confronted by the Skakdi Fusion, who refused to let her eat their dreams. Annona telepathically identified the creature as a combination of different beings, and the two began to fight.

The fusion caused rock spikes to impale Annona, which caused her to near death. In response, Annona devoured the dream energy of all the Skakdi at once, increasing her power and allowing her to break free from the spikes. As a result of the fusion's comparative ability to materialize dreams, the inner desires of the now-insane Skakdi began to manifest, wrecking the fortress. Annona killed Telluris when he tried to attack her, and continued to feast on the Skakdi's dreams to gain more power. Sahmad broke off a rock spike and rammed it into one of Annona's joints, from where she could not remove it.

Sahmad and the fusion teamed up to negate the ability of Spherus Magna inhabitants to dream, cutting off Annona's power supply. Annona quickly struck a deal with the fusion, agreeing to leave them alone in exchange for an entirely new world of inhabitants to feed on. Sahmad was placed in charge of envisioning that world; despite Annona's objections, the fusion convinced her that the Agori would not break his word, and Annona agreed. The fusion created the new world, and Annona departed for it. However, Sahmad had envisioned a world where all the inhabitants were beings like Annona, so that they would feed on each other and die out within the year.

Abilities and Traits

Annona has a wide variety of psionic powers, including mind control and the ability to create illusions. She is also able to teleport. When she first manifested before Sahmad, she chilled the temperature of her immediate surroundings. However, after consuming all the Skakdi's dreams at once, she began to radiate intense heat, enough to incinerate those who got too close.

Annona feeds by eating the dreams of other beings while they slumber. These beings, unable to dream, lose their sanity over time, and die in a state of madness.


"Imagine staring directly into the sun, and the reddish streaks burned into your eyes, taking the shape of things too hideous to describe. Even when you close your eyes, look away, it makes no difference. You know you've seen something you can never erase from your memory. Would you be fortunate to stay sane, or would that be the worst possible luck?"
Sahmad's thoughts, Sahmad's Tale
"Dreams are my meat and drink. With them, I am power. Without them, I am nothing."
— Annona, Sahmad's Tale


  • Although Sahmad describes Annona with male pronouns, Greg Farshtey has stated in outside sources that Annona is female.[1]
  • Greg has stated that Annona was based off of a character from Hungarian folklore.





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