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"Each competed for Ancient's services, and he repaid his employers by ruthlessly crushing their enemies. He had no conscience and no reluctance about switching sides at a moment's notice if he got a better offer."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters
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Dark Hunter Ancient.png
Order of Mata Nui
Kanohi None
Powers Disorientation Rhotuka, mental shielding
Tools Boots with levitation Kanoka, rapid-fire Rhotuka launcher
Status Deceased

"Ancient" was the inspiration of the Dark Hunter organization. On his home island, he was a member of the Shadowed One's species. He later became one of the Shadowed One's most trusted agents, and was the only Dark Hunter older than his leader. He was also secretly an Order of Mata Nui member spying on the Dark Hunters.


A native to the Shadowed One's homeland, Ancient rebelled against the harsh rules of his homeland and created a new life for himself. Ancient started a business, hiring himself out to others and doing the work they were not willing to. He changed the land into a place of corruption ruled by warlords. Ancient's loyalty could only be bought; he was more than happy to switch sides if a better offer was made.

At the end of a civil war, Ancient and the Shadowed One met and the idea for the Dark Hunters was born. Journeying together, the two discovered the island of Odina, where they seeded the base of their new organization. Soon after this, he was paid by the Order of Mata Nui to join them, and assigned as a spy in the Dark Hunters.

When a Toa of Psionics, Varian, was kidnapped and brought to Odina, Ancient retrieved her from her cell, and brought her to the Shadowed One's chamber. The Shadowed One cruelly forced her to choose between her teammate, Norik, and a new Toa ally of theirs, who was secretly Triglax in disguise. Varian chose Norik, and Ancient removed him from the fortress, taking him back to the Northern Continent.

7,000 years ago, Ancient cornered Hakann and Vezok after they stole the Makoki Stone from the Toa Fortress besieged by Frostelus. He took the tablet from them, and recruited both Skakdi into the Dark Hunters.

After the Great Cataclysm, Ancient temporarily worked with Voporak in search of the Vahi. Upon learning it was in Metru Nui, he returned to Odina, for Dweller was already stationed there. He also concluded that a raid of the island city to retrieve the mask would likely fail.

When Ancient returned to Odina, he stood on the beach while the island's fortress was being rebuilt, watching the sea for Lariska's return. In doing so, he received a hidden message in the form of a specific formation by flying Rahi. He was ordered to try and convince the Shadowed One to help the Order, and if he failed, to kill the Dark Hunter leader. Ancient managed to persuade the Shadowed One, and they traveled to Xia with a large fleet of Dark Hunters to destroy the island in order to ensure the Vortixx would no longer provide weapons for the Brotherhood of Makuta. He was also tasked with observing the Dark Hunters and delivering regular reports to the Order of their actions on Xia.

Ancient was then sent to find the Shadowed One to discuss the defense of Xia. After some searching, he found the body of a dead Vortixx, along with the Shadowed One, who had discovered the vials which contained the viruses Makuta Kojol had brought to Xia prior to his death. After informing Ancient with the knowledge of what he was going to do with these viruses, the Shadowed One killed Ancient with his disintegration beams in order to maintain the secret.

Abilities and Traits

Ancient had a large amount of strength, and his armor was immune to most physical attacks. Like all Order of Mata Nui members, Ancient had his mind shielded from mental attacks. The Rhotuka that he launched robbed a target of all physical coordination.

Ancient cared only about his payment, and would only work strictly with those who ensure the highest pay. Ancient was only affiliated with the Order of Mata Nui due to the profit involved, and for no moral purpose.


Ancient wore boots containing levitation Kanoka which allowed him to float when he stomped against the ground. He carried a modified Rhotuka Launcher, which was capable of creating more Rhotuka in a shorter amount of time.



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