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AgilCreatures Symbol White.svg
JTO Agil, Creature of Light.JPG
Creature of Light
Element Light
Tools Talons
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Set number 601602

Agil, the Creature of Light, is the seventh Elemental Creature, and has the form of a hawk.


Agil was born from the element of Light, and his Temple of Light later provided a foundation for the forge of the Mask Makers, Ekimu and Makuta. His history is largely unknown, but he apparently developed a bond with Ekimu at some point in time, and provided the Mask Maker with intelligence regarding the quest of the Toa and their loss of the Mask of Control to Umarak. He later appeared while the Shadow Horde was attacking the City of the Mask Makers, and watched as Ekimu entered his temple and was transformed into a Toa-sized warrior. Agil then shared a vision of Umarak the Destroyer with Ekimu and the Toa, revealing that the villain had recovered the pieces of the Mask of Ultimate Power as Agil watched, and that Umarak had attacked Agil after noticing the Creature's presence.

Agil accompanied the Toa and Ekimu into the Region of Stone and the Black Crater, waiting to make sure that they stayed in one group as they pursued Umarak. Usually perched on Ekimu's arm, he took flight during their battles with the Elemental Beasts, and eventually returned to help Ekimu save the Toa from Umarak. The two merged together to unleash a powerful blast of light, which stunned Umarak and freed the Toa from his shadow powers. Ekimu was returned to his original form as a result, but Agil disappeared.

Abilities and Traits

Agil is imbued with the element of Light, and has the ability to share his memories through visions.


Agil's natural tools are his talons, which he used to scratch at the eyes of Umarak and destroy the mask of a Storm Beast attacking Ekimu.

Set Information

Agil was released as 601602 Ekimu's Falcon with the BIONICLE Magazine in October 2016. The polybag includes twenty-nine pieces; two can be added to 71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker's leg to store the Crystal Saw Shield so Agil could sit on the figure's forearm.


"Yes. Alright. I have stood on the sidelines too long."
— Ekimu to Agil, Destroyer's Game




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