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"I am a man, That isn't a yam."-The Unwitty Popup2

BS01 Status New Member
Usual Online Time Varied
BZP Name Popup2
BZP Status 1300+ Posts
Online Jobs Real:None/BZP...Well..None..
Age 14
Gender Male
Height '5"3
Nationality American

Well, I'm a member of BZPower and been a fan for a long time. I am a member who just tries to be as helpful as I can.

I am a Premier Member, with over 1400+ posts.

My profile [2]This is my profile on BZP


I have of late become a bit fan of BZPower RPG and am currently in Contest 13 and am active in the RPGs: Shut and Playground. I enjoy both of these and will miss them when/if they leave.

I have been a fan/artist of bionicle art since I have joined BZP.

I do not do much MoCing because I do not have a large amount of parts to use.

My favorite character in the Bionicle story line is Vezon. I love his insanity and love how Greg made his story very interesting.

I have my own website. [3] It is just a file storage site. It is very cluttered. I plan to make a new cleaner one.

[4] This is my current banner. I do simple animations with Animated Gif. I am thinking about making a new banner for my BZPower Sig.