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Spirit Star

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"Each Toa has one. As long as it burns in the night sky, Toa Lhikan remains alive."
Toa Metru Vakama, Legends of Metru Nui
Spirit Star
LoMN Toa Metru's Spirit Stars.PNG
Users Various
Function Confirm existence of Toa
Track down Toa
Status In use
Location Matoran Universe

Takanuva's Spirit Star appears above Mata Nui.

Spirit Stars are celestial bodies formed when new Toa come into existence. Every Toa has a spirit star. Spirit stars are able to track the movement of their Toa, as seen when the Toa Metru followed Lhikan's spirit star in order to find him.


Spirit stars inside the Matoran Universe were electrical impulses by the Great Spirit Robot's systems, while those outside the universe are projected from the Red Star. They have the ability to appear before their Toa has been created, such as in Takanuva's case. On some occasions, spirit stars only appear when a Toa properly becomes one or completes a first task, such as when the Toa Metru sealed Teridax in Protodermis.

Six stars that were above the island of Mata Nui were believed to be the Toa Mata's spirit stars. When the Toa Inika were transformed, they had no spirit stars, but created their spirit stars in a burst of energy from their six weapons. The spirit stars then fell into orbit around the Red Star.


  • Toa who are mutated into other forms (such as Nidhiki or the Rahaga) still retain their spirit stars.[1]


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