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Shadow Plague

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Shadow Plague
Concurrent to Great War
Witnesses Teridax
Matoran of Mata Nui
Time During the Dark Time
Actions Shadow Kraata used to infect Matoran
Significance Minor

The Shadow Plague was an attempt by Makuta Teridax to scare the Matoran, hoping to prevent them from returning to Metru Nui during the Great War.


Teridax vaporized the essence of Shadow Kraata and attempted to use that essence to infect Matoran. Unfortunately for Teridax, the effect was too weak, and his supply of Shadow Kraata was too limited. Although the infected Matoran dealt damage to the various Koro that took years to repair,[BEU, p. 127] the plan was too ineffective to continue. The Makuta abandoned the plan to focus on more efficient ways to prevent the Matoran from returning to their city of origin.[citation needed: TOGtB?]