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71307 Gali Uniter of Water
71307 Gali Uniter of Water.png
Medium Set
Set number 71307
Subtheme Uniters
Release date January 2016
Pieces 87
MSRP $14.99 (US)
Ages 7-14
71307 Instructions

Set 71307 Gali Uniter of Water is a medium set released in 2016

Set Information

This version of Gali, has in many ways evolved from her previous version from 2015. Instead of featuring a gear function her back that would make her arms move, she now features a gear function in her waist, meaning that when turning a gear on her back, her upper body will move from left to right. Gali's 2016 form includes a variety of colors, new dark azure pieces, trans-dark and light blue, orange and silver. Gali's 2016 set also reintroduced black axles instead of the red ones usually used by LEGO. Vorox armor also made a return, this time in orange. Gali also featured a staff weapon with a spear-like tip and a rotor on it.

This set, along with the rest of the wave released in January of 2016, was released on LEGO's online store as well as many other places.

Parts of this set can be combined with 71311 Kopaka and Melum - Unity Set to create Twotoa 1.


Gali featured a newly introduced gear mechanism. Her weapon had a rotor that could be turned by twisting a gear beneath. The set could also be combined with Akida, to power her up. That includes more weapons as well as a bigger build.


The set comes with a blended blue-and-silver Unity Mask of Water and a blended trans-dark blue-and-gold Unity Mask of Water.


Critical Response

This version of Gali recieved mixed reviews, many complaining about the appearance and build.

Community Response

Different communities also expressed the same feelings about the set as reviewers did.

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