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Tribe Jungle
Occupation Trader
Tools Claws[1]
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Lane[2]

Lein was an Agori trader of the Jungle Tribe.[3][4]


Lein was a Jungle Agori living on Spherus Magna, and made a living as a trader. He eventually opened the first trading post in the Great Jungle, at a ford in one of the rivers. The business was very successful, and the ford would later be known as Lein's Drift, after the Agori.[3][4]

Lein died of natural causes[5] 265,000 years ago.[6][7][8]

Abilities and Traits

Lein used his forelimbs as extra legs, giving him an animal-like appearance.[1]


Lein had claws attached to his hands and feet.[1]