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Leah Weston Kaae

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Leah Weston Kaae
Leah Weston Kaae.PNG
Job Head of Web Team
No longer affiliated with BIONICLE
Department Web Department

Leah Weston Kaae was the head of the LEGO BIONICLE.com web team. She was the webmaster of the official BIONICLE website, and has even helped BIONICLEsector01 in the past by posting an article on BS01's exclusive interview with Greg Farshtey. She also had an account on BZPower.

In 2007, Leah temporarily left her position on maternity leave, placing Kelly McKiernan in charge of the website whilst she was gone. She later returned, and worked closely with McKiernan until BIONICLE.com's shutdown in 2013. She continues to work for LEGO in managing the company's online presence.