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Kumu Islets

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Kumu Islets
Kumu Islets.PNG
Status Destroyed
Position South of Kanae Bay
Pronunciation KOO-moo

The Kumu Islets were small islands just south of Kanae Bay on Mata Nui. Many of the surviving Rahi of Metru Nui that were mutated by the Visorak migrated to the Islets, leaving them an extremely dangerous location. Though there were efforts at colonization by Matoran, they were ultimately abandoned due to the dangerous mutant creatures living there.

Upon the premature awakening of the Bohrok swarms, the Bohrok travelled to the Kumu Islets to cleanse them.[1] Later, when the Bohrok were re-released, the Kumu Islets were completely cleared by the Bohrok swarms. The Kumu Islets were entirely destroyed with the larger island following Mata Nui's reawakening, along with the Rahi that lived on the islets.





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