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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Hydraxon's Hunt Game!

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Hydraxon's Hunt Game! is Non-Canon
Hydraxon's Hunt Game! is considered to be Non-Canonical to the BIONICLE storyline because, although it uses several BIONICLE elements from BIONICLE, the events it portrays were never approved by the BIONICLE Story Team, and are either never referenced in canon media or contradict canon events.
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Hydraxon's Hunt Game!
Hydraxon's Hunt Game!.jpg
Board Game
Number of players Two to four
Distributor The LEGO Group

Hydraxon's Hunt Game! is a Board Game that was included with the September 2007 LEGO Magazine.

Players take on the role of Hydraxon's replica, who journeys around Mahri Nui in search of three "villains," while avoiding the vampiric Sea Squid and other obstacles along the way.


Players must cross the entire board and attempt to be the first one to reach the end, where they will find Gadunka, Teridax's Maxilos, and Spinax.



Players can use any makeshift game piece, such as a LEGO brick or a BIONICLE Minifigure. In addition, a six-sided die is required. Each player rolls it to see who goes first. Then they take turns rolling the die to move across the game board. Certain squares, when landed on, instruct the player to move forward, move backwards, stop, lose a turn, or roll again.