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BIONICLE: Quest for the Nest

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BIONICLE: Quest for the Nest is Non-Canon
BIONICLE: Quest for the Nest is considered to be Non-Canonical to the BIONICLE storyline because, although it uses several BIONICLE elements from BIONICLE, the events it portrays were never approved by the BIONICLE Story Team, and are either never referenced in canon media or contradict canon events.
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BIONICLE: Quest for the Nest
Quest for the Nest.PNG
Board Game
Number of players Two to six
Distributor Universal Entertainment

BIONICLE: Quest for the Nest was a promotional board game released as a consolation prize at Toys "R" Us to the first seventy-five participants at a contest held at select Toys "R" Us stores.


Players are instructed to use their BIONICLE knowledge to make their way across Mata Nui to the Bohrok Nest. Whoever lands on 'finish' first is the winner.


The board game's contents